Splash of NEON

A hot pink lipstick or a fusion of neon sure does add a splash of colour to what has been a busy and stressful week.

In my quest to add a bit of fun to my every day working¬†wardrobe, I have been inspired by the trend of ‘neon’ colours and have been experimenting with lots of yellows and greens.


This necklace has been the talk of the office…. who knew a $12 necklace from Colette could create such a statement.

In keeping with my neon trend, I have been inspired by my sister to venture outside my comfort zone and explore bright coloured cushions for my lounge. I have come across www.etsy.com a wonderful site with some great inspirational pieces.


Am loving the different patterned cushions, which could work well in my new home.

Now for my next purchase, ironically called the¬†‘Clare Envelope Clutch’ – great for the summer season





In the midst of my busy day, I received a positive call from my CSO to let me know that Earthworks were taking place on our land today. Finally, Day 20 and there is action.

Let’s hope there is more to report this week.


This gorgeous lounge would fit perfectly in my lounge room – very stylish with lots of zig zag cushions

Yes I am a ‘first time builder’ virgin!

How do I build a home?

What inspires me? How will I know what to choose?

This is our first time building a home and as anticipated the feelings of excitement, nervousness and apprehension all spring to mind. How will I know the design I want, will it fit in within our budget, single storey double storey, big house little house, tiles or floorboards? All these things to be decided upon when building a new home.

To back track, we purchased a nice block of land in a lovely new estate in Thirroul off the plan back in 2010! It took a year to turn a disheveled Brickworks into an amazing estate with gorgeous views of the beach at McCauley’s.

We procrastinated for nearly a year before we decided on our builder – Fowler Homes who offered the best design that I didnt need to change, it came with lots of extra, great promotions and best of all within budget – BONUS!!

The land finally registered early December 2011, with the signing of the house tender shortly after.

We choose the Monte Carlo 33, with the Plantation facade. From signing tender to now, its been 8 months and I am patiently waiting to see some progress on our land as we are within the ‘commence within 20 days’ time frame.

Whilst I patiently wait, I am busy trying to map out the interiors of the house –finding great inspiration from magazines and blogs.

Let’s hope my next post will capture the start of our dream home.