I love interiors!

I love everything house related and everything about each room, the furniture, the skirtings, the paint, the little nick nacks that neatly sit on bookshelves, the dimensions of my powerpoints from the wall and where I want to put my special photo frames!

I think in my second life, I should come back as an interior designer, I didnt realise how much I love researching and trying to find new and wonderful things for my home that are different and unique.

The great thing about building a new home is you get a home that has lots of space………the downside is trying to find all new furniture to go in it and knowing what is going to work in each room.

I am absolutely in love with the website http://www.houzz.com (thanks Kelly and Nicole for connecting me to this site – I’m hooked!),it has so many wonderful and inspiring ideas of different rooms from all over the world.

My vision for my home interior is to try and keep it simple, a basic colour palette of whites and greys which enables me to dress up different furniture with bright colours. I am also learning to not be afraid to mix and match furniture, its ok for things not to match.

Some great items that I have found so far for my bedroom – what do you think?


ravena bedframe mirror tables



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