After one failed PCI, we eventually got there……and have moved into our new home!

We have spent the majority of our first week, putting the skirting back on and repainting them after the tiles were laid, and unpacking all our boxes.

We are happy with the end result, a few things that will be added to our 90 day inspection report….

Next on our list is the driveway which happens in two weeks time – I can’t wait to see the end of the dirt and dust from outside!!

Here are a few photos of the house so far, more to come once I finish off the interiors

CR xx











Nearing the end!!

Yes you read right!!! Nearly towards the end – finally!!

I have been very slack on my blog, however there has been alot happening at our house……..we are finally half way through the interior work and its looking amazing

Few teething problems, with wrong materials ordered and delays but I am very happy with how the house is looking, its even better than what I had imagined!

Here are a few pics….. more to come in the coming weeks.

CR xxx

clare 1

clare 2

clare 3

I love interiors!

I love everything house related and everything about each room, the furniture, the skirtings, the paint, the little nick nacks that neatly sit on bookshelves, the dimensions of my powerpoints from the wall and where I want to put my special photo frames!

I think in my second life, I should come back as an interior designer, I didnt realise how much I love researching and trying to find new and wonderful things for my home that are different and unique.

The great thing about building a new home is you get a home that has lots of space………the downside is trying to find all new furniture to go in it and knowing what is going to work in each room.

I am absolutely in love with the website http://www.houzz.com (thanks Kelly and Nicole for connecting me to this site – I’m hooked!),it has so many wonderful and inspiring ideas of different rooms from all over the world.

My vision for my home interior is to try and keep it simple, a basic colour palette of whites and greys which enables me to dress up different furniture with bright colours. I am also learning to not be afraid to mix and match furniture, its ok for things not to match.

Some great items that I have found so far for my bedroom – what do you think?


ravena bedframe mirror tables


Walls, roof and cladding!!

I have been a bit slack on the blog, however its been a busy time with the house and the Christmas break.

We now have a fully bricked house, with a roof, internal plumbing, eaves and cladding.

I have to say I am really happy with how the bricks have come up against the roof colour, its always hard when you choose all your colours months in advance, and the uncertainty of how it will all look together…..but so far so good.

The cladding is still to be painted in Surfmist, along with the roof to be installed above the garage and back alfresco area. I also can not wait to see how the facade looks all rendered.

Our builder is now on their ‘5 week holiday’ break lucky them, not lucky me……it means we lose 5 weeks of work on the house!

At least now I can officially say I am moving into my house this year!

Happy New Year!


Completey bricked!!

We went and saw our house this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to find the entire house now fully bricked. We are really impressed with the workmanship shown by the Brickies, not only did they do an amazing job they cleaned also up the inside of our house! I am really feeling like we have a house now………

Next is cleaning of the bricks, roof and cladding………all which I am hoping happens before the ‘5 week Christmas shutdown’!

Here are some pics of the house so far…..

CR xx


Bricks and a second storey!!

We now have a fully framed house, with the first floor completely bricked. We are really happy with the work that the brickies have done over the past two weeks – we plan on rendering the entire front facade and will keep the rest of the house fully bricked.

I am really getting a true sense of our house inside and its finally starting to feel real that I will have a new house to live in early next year.

The scaffolding is planned to go up on Monday with the start of the second level bricking to follow soon after.

I am hoping they keep up the constant work flow up until Christmas….when they go on their 5 week Christmas Shutdown leave!!

Here are a few pics of the progress so far….

CR xx






































My nice big Kitchen window!

Framing has started!



We are moving up! This week Fowler Homes started the framing of our house.

No longer is there a flat slab, but more a 3D visualisation of how our house will look and the placement of each room/space.

All the windows and doors were delivered on Thursday with the hope that the the second storey, roof trusses and windows will all be completed by end of next week.

CR xx

Our frames have been delivered!


We are currently on to our second site supervisor now in as little as two months of house commencement, we were slightly concerned when it was flagged with us that our previous site supervisor managed 20 houses at once, hence the lack of communication and steady work flow on our house.

Our current site supervisor who manages approx 10 homes and has kept me updated on the house progress and also delivered the goods by ensuring the frame was delivered today (public holiday) in time for the carpenter to commence tomorrow.

A+ Fowler Homes, let’s hope they keep up the good work and I have some pics of the framing towards the end of this week!

CR xx

We have a slab!



The concretors delivered us a nice surprise this week, by completing the slab by Wednesday. We really get a true sense of our backyard space, which is alot more than what we previously had at our old place.

We were lucky enough that another builder wanted our excess soil and even transferred some at the back of our house and levelled it off for us. $450 it cost us, which worked out well given the amount of excess soil we had after the piering.

Next is the external plumbing, followed by the framing!! Let’s hope they keep the momentum going and take advantage of this great weather!


My slab has been formed!

Headed down to see the progress of the house today , and was pleasantly surprised to see the slab frame and internal plumbing completed.

Am hoping the slab is completed early next week.

CR x